Commit 20fb1e47 authored by Gábor Hojtsy's avatar Gábor Hojtsy

Issue #1425868 by ELC, lort, greg.harvey, David_Rothstein: Fixed duplicate...

Issue #1425868 by ELC, lort, greg.harvey, David_Rothstein: Fixed duplicate entry of theme primary key in system table on Drupal 6.24 when updating using drush.
parent 4c9ac319
......@@ -826,24 +826,28 @@ function system_theme_data() {
// If lock not acquired, return $themes data without writing to database.
if ($write_database) {
$names = array();
$filenames = array();
foreach ($themes as $theme) {
// Record the name of each theme found in the file system.
$names[] = $theme->name;
// Update the contents of the system table.
if (isset($theme->status) && !(defined('MAINTENANCE_MODE') && MAINTENANCE_MODE != 'install')) {
// Record the filename of each theme that was found.
$filenames[] = $theme->filename;
// Existing themes will always have $theme->status set, since it's a
// property that is only stored in the database.
if (isset($theme->status)) {
db_query("UPDATE {system} SET owner = '%s', info = '%s', filename = '%s' WHERE name = '%s' AND type = '%s'", $theme->owner, serialize($theme->info), $theme->filename, $theme->name, 'theme');
// New themes must get a $theme->status before they are inserted into the
// database. For the default theme, we force it to be enabled (to handle
// the initial installation of Drupal), but otherwise new themes should
// always start off as disabled.
else {
$theme->status = ($theme->name == variable_get('theme_default', 'garland'));
// This is a new theme.
db_query("INSERT INTO {system} (name, owner, info, type, filename, status, throttle, bootstrap) VALUES ('%s', '%s', '%s', '%s', '%s', %d, %d, %d)", $theme->name, $theme->owner, serialize($theme->info), 'theme', $theme->filename, $theme->status, 0, 0);
// Delete from the system table any themes missing from the file system.
if ($names) {
db_query("DELETE FROM {system} WHERE type = 'theme' AND name NOT IN (". db_placeholders($names, 'varchar') .")", $names);
if ($filenames) {
db_query("DELETE FROM {system} WHERE type = 'theme' AND filename NOT IN (". db_placeholders($filenames, 'varchar') .")", $filenames);
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