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......@@ -112,30 +112,30 @@ public static function filterQueryParameters(array $query, array $exclude = arra
* Parses a system URL string into an associative array.
* Parses a URL string into its path, query, and fragment components.
* This function should only be used for URLs that have been generated by the
* system. It should not be used for URLs that come from external sources, or
* URLs that link to external resources.
* This function splits both internal paths like @code node?b=c#d @endcode and
* external URLs like @code @endcode into their
* component parts. See
* @link RFC 3986 @endlink for an
* explanation of what the component parts are.
* The returned array contains a 'path' that may be passed separately to url().
* For example:
* @code
* $options = UrlHelper::parse(\Drupal::request()->query->get('destination'));
* $my_url = url($options['path'], $options);
* $my_link = l('Example link', $options['path'], $options);
* @endcode
* Note that, unlike the RFC, when passed an external URL, this function
* groups the scheme, authority, and path together into the path component.
* @param string $url
* The URL string to parse, i.e.
* \Drupal::request()->query->get('destination').
* The internal path or external URL string to parse.
* @return
* An associative array containing the keys:
* - 'path': The path of the URL. If the given $url is external, this includes
* the scheme and host.
* - 'query': An array of query parameters of $url, if existent.
* - 'fragment': The fragment of $url, if existent.
* @return array
* An associative array containing:
* - path: The path component of $url. If $url is an external URL, this
* includes the scheme, authority, and path.
* - query: An array of query parameters from $url, if they exist.
* - fragment: The fragment component from $url, if it exists.
* @see l()
* @see url()
* @see
* @ingroup php_wrappers
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