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Issue #2177643 by InternetDevels | jessebeach: Replace theme() with drupal_render() in

parent 6f6a2f3d
......@@ -126,12 +126,17 @@ function _batch_progress_page() {
// the error message.
$fallback = $current_set['error_message'] . '<br />' . $batch['error_message'];
$fallback = theme('maintenance_page', array('content' => $fallback, 'show_messages' => FALSE));
$fallback = array(
'#theme' => 'maintenance_page',
'#content' => $fallback,
'#show_messages' => FALSE,
// We strip the end of the page using a marker in the template, so any
// additional HTML output by PHP shows up inside the page rather than below
// it. While this causes invalid HTML, the same would be true if we didn't,
// as content is not allowed to appear after </html> anyway.
$fallback = drupal_render($fallback);
list($fallback) = explode('<!--partial-->', $fallback);
print $fallback;
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