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Issue #3074047 by Neslee Canil Pinto, mikelutz, quietone: Update...

Issue #3074047 by Neslee Canil Pinto, mikelutz, quietone: Update MigrateDestinationInterface::import return type documentation

(cherry picked from commit bbbed21e)
parent 38f08f8b
......@@ -103,8 +103,11 @@ public function fields(MigrationInterface $migration = NULL);
* @param array $old_destination_id_values
* (optional) The old destination IDs. Defaults to an empty array.
* @return mixed
* The entity ID or an indication of success.
* @return array|bool
* An indexed array of destination IDs in the same order as defined in the
* plugin's getIds() method if the plugin wants to save the IDs to the ID
* map, TRUE to indicate success without saving IDs to the ID map, or
* FALSE to indicate a failure.
public function import(Row $row, array $old_destination_id_values = []);
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