Commit 17a505d6 authored by Dries's avatar Dries
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- Patch #570430 by jhodgdon: hook_user() and hook_user_categories() doc missing components.

parent 3e10914b
......@@ -177,13 +177,19 @@ function hook_user_operations() {
* Retrieve a list of all user setting/information categories.
* Retrieve a list of user setting or profile information categories.
* @return
* A linear array of associative arrays. These arrays have keys:
* An array of associative arrays. Each inner array has elements:
* - "name": The internal name of the category.
* - "title": The human-readable, localized name of the category.
* - "weight": An integer specifying the category's sort ordering.
* - "access callback": Name of the access callback function to use to
* determine whether the user can edit the category. Defaults to using
* user_edit_access(). See hook_menu() for more information on access
* callbacks.
* - "access arguments": Arguments for the access callback function. Defaults
* to array(1).
function hook_user_categories() {
return array(array(
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