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IMPORTANT: temporary theme fix!

* Added a *temporary* (see below) file called 'reset.php'.  Visiting
  this page at will reset your
  cookie.  This will automatically make you logout from your
  account, eventually (read: hopefully) fixing some cookie problems
  (if any).
  Example: if you can't surf the site anymore because of the theme
           problem, you can visit reset.php to logout.  This will dump
           you on the default theme, which you should always be able
           to use no matter what.
* Note that this is a temporary file/fix!  Maybe we should start making
  a development page which groups this kind of features.  For instance,
  we could add a 'cookie reset', 'cookie dump', 'cookie examine', etc.
  If non-developers need this kind of features too, then we might want
  to add it to the account settings, make a helpdesk.php page or
  whatever.  Yes or no?  Suggestions?
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<? setcookie("user"); ?>
Your cookie has been reset. This implies you are logged out from your
account which means you will at least be able to use the default theme.
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