Commit 169646ae authored by Crell's avatar Crell
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Rename variable to be more accurate.

parent df49a070
......@@ -25,14 +25,14 @@ class MaintenanceModeSubscriber implements EventSubscriberInterface {
public function onKernelRequestMaintenanceModeCheck(GetResponseEvent $event) {
// Check if the site is offline.
$page_callback_result = _menu_site_is_offline() ? MENU_SITE_OFFLINE : MENU_SITE_ONLINE;
$status = _menu_site_is_offline() ? MENU_SITE_OFFLINE : MENU_SITE_ONLINE;
// Allow other modules to change the site status but not the path because
// that would not change the global variable. hook_url_inbound_alter() can
// be used to change the path. Code later will not use the $read_only_path
// variable.
$read_only_path = !empty($path) ? $path : $event->getRequest()->attributes->get('system_path');
drupal_alter('menu_site_status', $page_callback_result, $read_only_path);
drupal_alter('menu_site_status', $status, $read_only_path);
// Only continue if the site is online.
if ($page_callback_result != MENU_SITE_ONLINE) {
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