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Issue #1786740 by shanethehat: Fix docs for field_update_instance

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......@@ -272,14 +272,26 @@ function field_create_instance(array $instance) {
* - entity_type: The type of the entity the field is attached to.
* - bundle: The bundle this field belongs to.
* - field_name: The name of an existing field.
* Read-only ID properties are assigned automatically. Any other properties
* properties specified in $instance overwrite the existing values for
* the instance.
* The other array elements represent properties of the instance, and all
* properties must be specified or their default values will be used (except
* internal-use properties, which are assigned automatically). To avoid losing
* the previously stored properties of the instance when making a change,
* first load the instance with field_info_instance(), then override the
* values you want to override, and finally save using this function. Example:
* @code
* // Fetch an instance info array.
* $instance_info = field_info_instance($entity_type, $field_name, $bundle_name);
* // Change a single property in the instance definition.
* $instance_info['definition']['required'] = TRUE;
* // Write the changed definition back.
* field_update_instance($instance_info['definition']);
* @endcode
* @throws Drupal\field\FieldException
* @deprecated as of Drupal 8.0. Use $instance->save().
* @see field_info_instance()
* @see field_create_instance()
function field_update_instance($instance) {
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