Commit 13dba19e authored by Dries's avatar Dries
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- Patch #652420 by sun: fixed some problems in the tests.

parent 3254e88f
......@@ -1882,6 +1882,34 @@ class DatabaseSelectComplexTestCase extends DatabaseTestCase {
$this->assertEqual($count, 4, t('Counted the correct number of records.'));
* Test that countQuery properly removes 'all_fields' statements and
* ordering clauses.
function testCountQueryRemovals() {
$query = db_select('test');
$count = $query->countQuery();
// Check that the 'all_fields' statement is handled properly.
$tables = $query->getTables();
$this->assertEqual($tables['test']['all_fields'], 1, t('Query correctly sets \'all_fields\' statement.'));
$tables = $count->getTables();
$this->assertFalse(isset($tables['test']['all_fields']), t('Count query correctly unsets \'all_fields\' statement.'));
// Check that the ordering clause is handled properly.
$orderby = $query->getOrderBy();
$this->assertEqual($orderby['name'], 'ASC', t('Query correctly sets ordering clause.'));
$orderby = $count->getOrderBy();
$this->assertFalse(isset($orderby['name']), t('Count query correctly unsets ordering caluse.'));
// Make sure that the count query works.
$count = $count->execute()->fetchField();
$this->assertEqual($count, 4, t('Counted the correct number of records.'));
* Confirm that we can properly nest conditional clauses.
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