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Prettied up some comments

parent f9256a39
......@@ -698,18 +698,19 @@ function system_schema() {
$schema['cache_menu']['description'] = 'Cache table for the menu system to store router information as well as generated link trees for various menu/page/user combinations.';
$schema['cache_path'] = $schema['cache'];
$schema['cache_path']['description'] = 'Cache table for path alias lookup.';
$schema['config'] = array(
'description' => 'Configuration active store',
'description' => 'Default active store for the configuration system.',
'fields' => array(
'name' => array(
'description' => 'The name of the config data.',
'description' => 'The identifier for the configuration entry, such as module.example (the name of the file, minus .json.php).',
'type' => 'varchar',
'length' => 255,
'not null' => TRUE,
'default' => '',
'data' => array(
'description' => 'The value of the config data.',
'description' => 'The raw JSON data for this configuration entry.',
'type' => 'blob',
'not null' => TRUE,
'size' => 'big',
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