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Issue #2135975 by larowlan, dawehner, a_thakur: Regression: Second level tabs...

Issue #2135975 by larowlan, dawehner, a_thakur: Regression: Second level tabs for Permissions and Roles missing from admin/people/permissions and admin/pages/permissions pages.
parent b6a53cad
......@@ -33,6 +33,13 @@ function setUp() {
function testRoleAdministration() {
$default_langcode = language_default()->id;
// Test presence of tab.
$tabs = $this->xpath('//ul[@class=:classes and //a[contains(., :text)]]', array(
':classes' => 'tabs primary',
':text' => t('Roles'),
$this->assertEqual(count($tabs), 1, 'Found roles tab');
// Test adding a role. (In doing so, we use a role name that happens to
// correspond to an integer, to test that the role administration pages
......@@ -44,7 +44,9 @@ public function testUserAdminLocalTasks($route, $expected) {
public function getUserAdminRoutes() {
return array(
array('user.role_list', array(array('user.role_list_tab'))),
array('user.admin_account', array(array('user.admin_account', 'user.admin_permissions', 'user.role_list'))),
array('user.admin_permissions', array(array('user.admin_account', 'user.admin_permissions', 'user.role_list'))),
array('user.role_list', array(array('user.admin_account', 'user.admin_permissions', 'user.role_list'))),
array('user.account_settings', array(array('user.account_settings_tab'))),
route_name: user.role_list
title: 'Roles'
tab_root_id: user.role_list_tab
title: 'Edit'
......@@ -51,3 +47,9 @@ user.admin_permissions:
title: Permissions
route_name: user.admin_permissions
tab_root_id: user.admin_account
title: 'Roles'
route_name: user.role_list
tab_root_id: user.admin_account
weight: 10
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