Commit 0d2db0ee authored by webchick's avatar webchick
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#609122 by fabsor: Fix 404 errors when adding certain pages as shortcuts.

parent 00daface
......@@ -263,10 +263,8 @@ function shortcut_set_save(&$shortcut_set) {
$shortcut_set->set_name = shortcut_set_get_unique_name();
$return = drupal_write_record('shortcut_set', $shortcut_set);
// If links were provided for the set, save them, replacing any that were
// there before.
// If links were provided for the set, save them.
if (isset($shortcut_set->links)) {
foreach ($shortcut_set->links as &$link) {
// Do not specifically associate these links with the shortcut module,
// since other modules may make them editable via the menu system.
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