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Issue #3179939 by walangitan, markdorison, longwave: Remove unused AjaxTestBase

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namespace Drupal\system\Tests\Ajax;
use Drupal\simpletest\WebTestBase;
* Provides a base class for Ajax tests.
abstract class AjaxTestBase extends WebTestBase {
* Modules to enable.
* @var array
protected static $modules = ['node', 'ajax_test', 'ajax_forms_test'];
* Asserts the array of Ajax commands contains the searched command.
* An AjaxResponse object stores an array of Ajax commands. This array
* sometimes includes commands automatically provided by the framework in
* addition to commands returned by a particular controller. During testing,
* we're usually interested that a particular command is present, and don't
* care whether other commands precede or follow the one we're interested in.
* Additionally, the command we're interested in may include additional data
* that we're not interested in. Therefore, this function simply asserts that
* one of the commands in $haystack contains all of the keys and values in
* $needle. Furthermore, if $needle contains a 'settings' key with an array
* value, we simply assert that all keys and values within that array are
* present in the command we're checking, and do not consider it a failure if
* the actual command contains additional settings that aren't part of
* $needle.
* @param $haystack
* An array of rendered Ajax commands returned by the server.
* @param $needle
* Array of info we're expecting in one of those commands.
* @param $message
* An assertion message.
protected function assertCommand($haystack, $needle, $message) {
$found = FALSE;
foreach ($haystack as $command) {
// If the command has additional settings that we're not testing for, do
// not consider that a failure.
if (isset($command['settings']) && is_array($command['settings']) && isset($needle['settings']) && is_array($needle['settings'])) {
$command['settings'] = array_intersect_key($command['settings'], $needle['settings']);
// If the command has additional data that we're not testing for, do not
// consider that a failure. Also, == instead of ===, because we don't
// require the key/value pairs to be in any particular order
// (
if (array_intersect_key($command, $needle) == $needle) {
$found = TRUE;
$this->assertTrue($found, $message);
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