Commit 0c54ec8e authored by alexpott's avatar alexpott

Issue #2636980 by Lars Toomre, jhodgdon: Type hint additions in

parent b707af8a
......@@ -203,7 +203,7 @@ function _batch_progress_page() {
* exceeded. It will continue with the next operation of the same batch set in
* the next request.
* @return
* @return array
* An array containing a completion value (in percent) and a status message.
function _batch_process() {
......@@ -337,15 +337,15 @@ function _batch_process() {
* Formats the percent completion for a batch set.
* @param $total
* @param int $total
* The total number of operations.
* @param $current
* @param int|float $current
* The number of the current operation. This may be a floating point number
* rather than an integer in the case of a multi-step operation that is not
* yet complete; in that case, the fractional part of $current represents the
* fraction of the operation that has been completed.
* @return
* @return string
* The properly formatted percentage, as a string. We output percentages
* using the correct number of decimal places so that we never print "100%"
* until we are finished, but we also never print more decimal places than
......@@ -372,8 +372,9 @@ function &_batch_current_set() {
* process and execute its form submit handler (if defined), which may add
* further sets to this batch.
* @return
* TRUE if a subsequent set was found in the batch.
* @return true|null
* TRUE if a subsequent set was found in the batch; no value will be returned
* if no subsequent set was found.
function _batch_next_set() {
$batch = &batch_get();
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