Commit 0bd8eed2 authored by Crell's avatar Crell Committed by effulgentsia

Minor fixups in router_rebuild().

parent 89e4c42b
......@@ -6845,14 +6845,13 @@ function drupal_flush_all_caches() {
function router_rebuild() {
// We need to manually call each module so that we can know which module
// a given item came from.
$callbacks = array();
$dumper = drupal_container()->get('router.dumper', Container::NULL_ON_INVALID_REFERENCE);
if ($dumper) {
foreach (module_implements('route_info') as $module) {
$routes = call_user_func($module . '_route_info');
drupal_alter('router_info', $routes);
drupal_alter('router_info', $routes, $module);
$dumper->dump(array('route_set' => $module));
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