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Issue #2606246 by rang501, heykarthikwithu: StaticTranslation::getLanguage,...

Issue #2606246 by rang501, heykarthikwithu: StaticTranslation::getLanguage, add @return values in the comment docblocks
parent 9a9770c4
......@@ -55,10 +55,15 @@ public function reset() {
* Add translations for new language.
* Retrieves translations for a given language.
* @param string $langcode
* The langcode of the language.
* @return array
* A multidimensional array of translations, indexed by the context the
* source string belongs to. The second level is using original strings as
* keys. An empty array will be returned when no translations are available.
protected function getLanguage($langcode) {
// This class is usually a base class but we do not declare as abstract
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