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Issue #3014772 by kiamlaluno:...

Issue #3014772 by kiamlaluno: ModuleHandlerTest::testUninstallProfileDependency() uninstall a module and reports another module has been uninstalled
parent 75a159c0
......@@ -217,11 +217,11 @@ public function testUninstallProfileDependency() {
$result = $this->moduleInstaller()->uninstall([$non_dependency]);
$this->assertTrue($result, 'ModuleInstaller::uninstall() returns TRUE.');
$this->assertEquals(drupal_get_installed_schema_version($non_dependency), SCHEMA_UNINSTALLED, "$dependency module was uninstalled.");
$this->assertEquals(drupal_get_installed_schema_version($non_dependency), SCHEMA_UNINSTALLED, "$non_dependency module was uninstalled.");
// Verify that the installation profile itself was not uninstalled.
$uninstalled_modules = \Drupal::state()->get('module_test.uninstall_order') ?: [];
$this->assertContains($non_dependency, $uninstalled_modules, "$dependency module is in the list of uninstalled modules.");
$this->assertContains($non_dependency, $uninstalled_modules, "$non_dependency module is in the list of uninstalled modules.");
$this->assertNotContains($profile, $uninstalled_modules, 'The installation profile is not in the list of uninstalled modules.');
// Try uninstalling the required module.
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