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- Patch #101531 by jvandyk: document all the bootstrap phases in Drupal 5.0.

parent 42f321d0
......@@ -683,9 +683,11 @@ function drupal_anonymous_user($session = '') {
* DRUPAL_BOOTSTRAP_CONFIGURATION: initialize configuration.
* DRUPAL_BOOTSTRAP_EARLY_PAGE_CACHE: try to call a non-database cache fetch routine.
* DRUPAL_BOOTSTRAP_DATABASE: initialize database layer.
* DRUPAL_BOOTSTRAP_ACCESS: identify and reject banned hosts.
* DRUPAL_BOOTSTRAP_SESSION: initialize session handling.
* the variable system and try to serve a page from the cache.
* DRUPAL_BOOTSTRAP_PATH: set $_GET['q'] to Drupal path of request.
* DRUPAL_BOOTSTRAP_FULL: Drupal is fully loaded, validate and fix input data.
function drupal_bootstrap($phase) {
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