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Issue #1790964 by anzi31, dawehner, xjm, tim.plunkett: Document that...

Issue #1790964 by anzi31, dawehner, xjm, tim.plunkett: Document that ViewExecutable::preview() doesn't call ViewExecutable::access().
parent 9341f7a2
......@@ -1384,6 +1384,11 @@ public function executeDisplay($display_id = NULL, $args = array()) {
* To be called externally, probably by an AJAX handler of some flavor.
* Can also be called when views are embedded, as this guarantees
* normalized output.
* This function does not do any access checks on the view. It is the
* responsibility of the caller to check $view->access() or implement other
* access logic. To render the view normally with access checks, use
* views_embed_view() instead.
public function preview($display_id = NULL, $args = array()) {
if (empty($this->current_display) || ((!empty($display_id)) && $this->current_display != $display_id)) {
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