Commit 099d72a9 authored by Angie Byron's avatar Angie Byron
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#606472 by peximo and plach: Remove duplicate title field data structure.

parent cc13b347
......@@ -3222,9 +3222,11 @@ protected function attachLoad(&$nodes) {
// object type specific callback.
$typed_nodes = array();
foreach ($nodes as $id => $object) {
if (isset($object->title)) {
$object->title = array(FIELD_LANGUAGE_NONE => array(array('value' => $object->title)));
// The value loaded in $object->title is the one stored in {node}.title,
// which is used for building list queries. By unsetting it here, we
// allow DrupalDefaultEntityController:attachLoad() to populate it along
// with all the other field values for consistency.
$typed_nodes[$object->type][$id] = $object;
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