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Document hook_route_info().

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......@@ -565,6 +565,51 @@ function hook_menu_get_item_alter(&$router_item, $path, $original_map) {
* Defines routes in the new router system.
* A route is a Symfony Route object. See the Symfony documentation for more
* details on the available options. Of specific note:
* - _controller: This is the PHP callable that will handle a request matching
* the route.
* - _content: This is the PHP callable that will handle the body of a request
* matching this route. A default controller will provide the page
* rendering around it.
* Typically you will only specify one or the other of those properties.
* @deprecated
* This mechanism for registering routes is temporary. It will be replaced
* by a more robust mechanism in the near future. It is documented here
* only for completeness.
function hook_route_info() {
$collection = new RouteCollection();
$route = new Route('router_test/test1', array(
'_controller' => '\Drupal\router_test\TestControllers::test1'
$collection->add('router_test_1', $route);
$route = new Route('router_test/test2', array(
'_content' => '\Drupal\router_test\TestControllers::test2'
$collection->add('router_test_2', $route);
$route = new Route('router_test/test3/{value}', array(
'_content' => '\Drupal\router_test\TestControllers::test3'
$collection->add('router_test_3', $route);
$route = new Route('router_test/test4/{value}', array(
'_content' => '\Drupal\router_test\TestControllers::test4',
'value' => 'narf',
$collection->add('router_test_4', $route);
return $collection;
* Define menu items and page callbacks.
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