Commit 06379c54 authored by Dries Buytaert's avatar Dries Buytaert
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- Patch #170310 by mfb, JohnAlbin: avoid SSL cookie getting over-written by non-SSL cookie.

parent ba6aa9f5
......@@ -373,6 +373,15 @@ function conf_init() {
$cookie_domain = check_plain($_SERVER['HTTP_HOST']);
// To prevent session cookies from being hijacked, a user can configure the
// SSL version of their website to only transfer session cookies via SSL by
// using PHP's session.cookie_secure setting. The browser will then use two
// separate session cookies for the HTTPS and HTTP versions of the site. So we
// must use different session identifiers for HTTPS and HTTP to prevent a
// cookie collision.
if (ini_get('session.cookie_secure')) {
$session_name .= 'SSL';
// Strip leading periods, www., and port numbers from cookie domain.
$cookie_domain = ltrim($cookie_domain, '.');
if (strpos($cookie_domain, 'www.') === 0) {
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