Commit 02b74638 authored by Dries's avatar Dries

- Patch #839520 by agentrickard: entity_uri() should pass the entity data to url().

parent 99484ebf
......@@ -1975,6 +1975,10 @@ function format_username($account) {
* Drupal on a web server that cannot be configured to automatically find
* index.php, then hook_url_outbound_alter() can be implemented to force
* this value to 'index.php'.
* - 'entity_type': The entity type of the object that called url(). Only set if
* url() is invoked by entity_uri().
* - 'entity': The entity object (such as a node) for which the URL is being
* generated. Only set if url() is invoked by entity_uri().
* @return
* A string containing a URL to the given path.
......@@ -6629,6 +6633,10 @@ function entity_uri($entity_type, $entity) {
if (!isset($entity->uri['options'])) {
$entity->uri['options'] = array();
// Pass the entity data to url() so that alter functions do not need to
// lookup this entity again.
$entity->uri['options']['entity_type'] = $entity_type;
$entity->uri['options']['entity'] = $entity;
else {
$entity->uri = FALSE;
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