Commit 0145eb8a authored by Gábor Hojtsy's avatar Gábor Hojtsy

Issue #736556 by Albert Volkman, daniels220, jeckman: Improve theme_links() documentation.

parent 58f76e64
......@@ -1191,12 +1191,24 @@ function theme_status_messages($display = NULL) {
* Return a themed set of links.
* Returns HTML for a set of links.
* @param $links
* A keyed array of links to be themed.
* An associative array of links to be themed. The key for each link
* is used as its CSS class. Each link should be itself an array, with the
* following elements:
* - title: The link text.
* - href: The link URL. If omitted, the 'title' is shown as a plain text
* item in the links list.
* - html: (optional) Whether or not 'title' is HTML. If set, the title
* will not be passed through check_plain().
* - attributes: (optional) Attributes for the anchor, or for the <span> tag
* used in its place if no 'href' is supplied.
* If the 'href' element is supplied, the entire link array is passed to l()
* as its $options parameter.
* @param $attributes
* A keyed array of attributes
* An associative array of attributes for the UL containing the list of links.
* @return
* A string containing an unordered list of links.
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