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    Dries Buytaert authored
    Surprise, surprise.  After nothing but code, a large batch of changes:
     - removed droplets
     - added (optional) admin_blocks module
     - added (optional) affiliate module
     - added (optional) about module (only placeholder, under construction)
     - fixed some tiny bugs (e.g. quote bug in search.php)
     - partionally rewrote some modules to be big, bad and better
     - partionally rewrote some modules to be more uniform
     - added GNU GPL license to CVS
     - installed PHP 4.0.4 on my localhost and now working
       towards PHP 4.0.4 compatibility.
     - I think I'll baptize the engine "drupal".  If you have a
       better idea, try convincing me ASAP.
     - more testing (also with PHP 4.0.4)
     - make "project"-module: download, info, blah blah
     - complete documentation