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    Patch by Marco: · f6da12ca
    Dries authored
    - forum: fixed link to new topic
    - forum: new topic shows default forum correctly
    - forum: first_new is back; the anchor didn't consider multiple pages
    - forum: use standard pager, needed some changes/fixes to pager.inc
    - forum: some cleanup
    - forum: taxonomy hook
    - renamed first_new to simply new
    - added an optional parameter to pager_query for the count query
    - used the optional count param for paging forum topics
    - internal change: moving a topic doesn't duplicate the node anymore but just
      changes the forum (term); no change in functionality, and shadow still
      works (suggested by Dries).  This probably also made some queries somewhat
    - bug fixed: anonymous users always saw "n (n new)" in the replies column
    - updated pager help and moved from _help to phpdoc
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