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    This a rather large commit that needs a lot of fine-tuning.  If you
    update, you'll break your site as you need switching from structure
    to index.module: so this can be considered an intermediate commit.
    If you upgrade, and you are welcome to, just create a collection
    called "section" (for now) and assign your nodes some attributes
    in the described format.
    Feedback and bugreports are welcomed.  Questions will be answered.
    - comment system:
       + when replying to a node (rather then to a comment), that
         node is displayed above the reply form.
       + when replying to a comment (rather then to a node), that
         comment is displayd above the reply form.
    - removed structure.inc, removed structure.module.
    - node.inc:
       + added 2 new node functions called 'node_attribute_edit()' and
         'node_attribute_save()' used to 'hook in' any indexing system
        including your home-brewed stuff if you'd want to.  Currently,
        index.module is the facto default index system.
        See story.module for usage.
    - book.module, story.module, poll.module, page.module, forum.module:
       + added preview functionality to administration section (via node
       + removed all references to structure.inc (category, topic).
    - moderate.module:
       + removed all references to structure.inc (category, topic).
    - book.module, story.module, page.module, forum.module:
       + increased the sizes of some textareas.
    - submit.php:
       + removed all references to structure.inc (category, topic).
    - marvin.theme:
       + removed dead code: function story() was depricated.
    - unconed.theme:
       + removed hardcoded references to drop.org.
    - marvin.theme, unconed.theme, jeroen.theme, yaroon.theme, example.theme:
       + removed all references to structure.inc (category, topic).
    - file.module, trip_link.module:
       + update preview functionality:
           see story.module for example.
       + remove references to 'cid' and 'tid', use 'attribute' instead:
           see story.module for example.
    - extend and build upon index.module as well as making it configurable