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    Patch 5554 by Goba (slightly modified):
      - Modifies _user_mail_text() to automatically override the default
        strings when needed and apply t() on the strings. This lets Drupal translators
        include default messages in translations, and also removes a lot of repeated code.
        Modified the internal $messageid of the approval message from
        welcome_approval_body/subject to approval_body/subject, so automatic variable
        name computation can be done. This does not affect any variable table keys, since
        the change was especially done to keep the variable names...
      - Adds %login_uri and %edit_uri to move away from the concatenation approach used in
        the default messages, thus making those messages visible for the .po extractor
      - Uses direct return in help text generation when no more action need to be taken
        on the help string (the '$output .=' approach was just plain silly looking and
        misleading, since there was no preceding or appended string in $output)
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