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    Dries Buytaert authored
    - Added meta.module, an improved index.module that allows you to
      associate different collections - think "combobox" here - with
      different content types, all hardcoded references to "section"
      have been removed and the admin-friendliness of the meta admin
      section has been slightly improved.
      I'll keep working on it during the weekend - if time allows me
      to.  Moreover, I'll focus on the usability/user-friendlines of
      the meta admin section as well as graceful input-checking, and
      Requires an SQL update, see updates/2.00-to-x.xx.sql!
      Index.module will be removed, or meta.module will be renamed as
      soon we can ditch one of them.  For now, having both coexist is
      not going to harm your setup and is useful to make a comparison
      and / or to migrate from index.module to meta.module.
      Index.module is de-coupled form the rest of the system so you
      will have to use meta.module after having upgraded.  You have
      been warned.
    - Updated CHANGELOG.