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    Dries authored
    - Applied Alastair's date patch.
    - Removed all instances of '$user->nodes'.
    - Committed Moshe's taxonomy patch - minus the node_compact_list() bit.  It needs a bit more thought/work.  This patch changes the links of taxonomy pages/feeds so update your custom code and themes accordingly!
    Themes should now use "taxonomy_link("taxonomy terms", $node)" to get an array of taxonomy term links.  The old construct is deprecated and should be changed.
    // old theme blob:
    if (function_exists("taxonomy_node_get_terms")) {
      foreach (taxonomy_node_get_terms($node->nid) as $term) {
        $terms[] = l($term->name, NULL, array(), "or=$term->tid");
    // new theme blob:
    if (module_exist("taxonomy")) {
      $terms = taxonomy_link("taxonomy terms", $node);
    // old URL:
    // new URL: