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    - Improved form handling.
      + Introduced two new functions:
          1. form_set_error($name, $message): files an error against the form
             element with the specified  $name.
          2. form_has_errors(): returns true if errors has been filed against
             form elements.
      + Updated the form handling:
           1. The form_ functions will add 'class="error"' when a form field
              has been found to be erroneous.
           2. The error message is passed to theme_form_element() when the
              particular form field has been found to be erroneous.
      + I updated the user and profile module to take advantage of these new
      + IMPORTANT: the _user() hook changed.  The 'validate' case should no
        longer retun an error message when something goes wrong but should
        set it with form_set_error().
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