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    Dries Buytaert authored
    o Permission improvements:
       + Removed the "post content" permission and replaced it by more fine-grained permissions such as "maintain static pages", "maintain personal blog", "maintain stories", etc.
    o Usability improvements to teasers:
       + Teaser forms are no more.  Teasers are extracted automatically but can also be instructed using a delimiter "---".  Furthermore, when a post it too short for a teaser, the user won't be bother with teaser stuff anymore.
       + Added an option to set the teaser length, or to disable teasers all together.
       + When previewing a post, both the short (if any) and the full version of a post are shown.  This addresses a common complaint; for example, when writing a book page there was no way you could preview the short version of your post.
       + Forum posts can be teasered now.  This is particularly helpful in the context of drupal.org where we promote forum topics.
    o Bugfix: replaced all PHP short tags (<?) with long tags (<?php).
    o Bugfix: removed hard-coded dependence on comment module.
    o Bugfix: when the queue module was disabled, it was not possible to approve updated book pages.
    o Bugfix: applied modified version of Marco's node_teaser() fix.