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    This is another version of my theme. I hope things will look better now, allthough UnConeD but also Dries told me that there were no/only one fat border. It was due to the DOCTYPE I added. People at irc.homelien.no #html told me that the doctype _should_ not affect the code, and that the browser _should_ ommit the doctype line. Well it looks like it doesn't always do that. Therefore I commented out <!-- --> the doctype. I don't know if w3 is going to like this but I sure hope so. For the drop down menu at the top. I know that it doesn't work, and it still doesn't I just copy pasted the code from http://linux.com/ but it doesn't seem to work. It doesn't remember the current page. If anyone knows why this would be, make sure to let me know please. They set the variable location to something in the javascript but don't do anything with it... I did a search on the linux.com code and they only use it somewhere at the top (they compare top.location.href with location.href... But I don't know what it means... Even if I copy pasted that part in my code it still didn't work. Therefore, this commit with a drop down menu that works for 95%... *snif*
    I added a bit more color, as UnConeD asked with some random stuff too (you know how I love random thingies), and I changed the font-size, but already said that in another mail... All I am looking for now is a logo to go in the upper left corner... I tried some thingies, but really suck at doing logos, not only that but also the HTML didn't want to co-operate.
    P.S.: this can count as a bug report. When clicking a section at the main page it should give you a search of all stories of that section shouldn't it? Well it doesn't do that, nomatter what you click there are never any results...
    Oh UnConeD, what do you mean with the td on the left being to wide? It's OK here in linux, it is set to 20%. Maybe you could mail me a little screenshot?
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