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    CHANGES: · c75057bb
    Dries authored
    - Added improved node scheduler:
       + Automatically post node at date 'xx/xx/xx, xx:xx'.
       + Automatically queue node at date 'xx/xx/xx, xx:xx'.
       + Automatically dump node at date 'xx/xx/xx, xx:xx'.
      Requires a database update, see ./updates/2.00-to-x.xx.sql!
    - Refactored the admin interface of node.module.  It is only a start
      but it should show the direction we are going.
       + The new interface is easier to extend with new functionality
         and operations.  New "edit xxx" links can easily be added on
         our way.
       + The new interface tries to cover all content- or node-related
         functions.  Thus making a special admin interface for each new
         node type redundant.  To demonstrate this, I removed the admin
         hook from page.module and forum.module.  This removes quite a
         bit of logic from the invidual modules which is a good sign if
         you ask me.
         A centralized GUI or interface covering all node-related
         administration should make Drupal easier to administer.
    - All node-related nodes need updating.  This should be trivial and
      I'll hapilly tackle this later tonight.
    - There will be bugs, and I'm still working on this but I would like
      to get some feedback (from Natrak et all) on both user-friendliness
      and usability of this new interface.  I'm still working on it as we
      speak ...
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