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    Dries Buytaert authored
    * Fixed a few bugs in account.php - saves Natrak some time.
      I only fixed the obvious, very small bugs reported today.
    * Made the default theme a setting in config.inc.  You can now easily
      change the default theme.  It's a much nicer approach with more
      flexibility.  When working on your theme, you set your theme to be the
      default theme.  In addition, with a small scripting tric in config.inc
      we could automatically set the default theme to the most popular theme
      (according to the user table), or we could periodically cycle (round
      robin) through all themes: say every week a new default theme.  I truly
      think that's better. :-)
    * Adjusted config.inc, theme.inc and account.php in order to do so.
    * I have some remarks with regards to config.inc, but I think I'll share
      those later in a seperate mail.