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    - Rewrote the cron system.  Removed cron.module and moved all cron
      related options to settings.module.  Cron was a confusing thing:
      it has been made simpler both in terms of code and configuration.
       + You had to rehash your modules to make the cron show up in
         the list.  This is no longer required.
       + You couldn't tell what cron "watchdog" or cron "story" were
         up to.  Instead, we now display a clear description message
         for every cron involved.
       + The user interface of setting.module - and the admin section
         in general, looks a bit ackward but I couldn't care less and
         don't want to see this improve at the time being.
    - Improved setting.module:
       + Now uses variable_set().
       + Added some help and documentaition on how to setup cron.
    - Improved ./export.
    - Updated CHANGELOG.
    - I'm now going to look into UnConeD's question with regard to
      check_output() and $theme->node(), as well as the filter and
      macro stuff.  I'll probably be fine-tuning setting.module a
      bit more on my way.
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