Commit 9670437f authored by Primsi's avatar Primsi Committed by Primsi

Issue #3086881 by Primsi, Berdir, mixologic: Fix head test fails related to new eb widgets tests.

parent b567100e
......@@ -15,11 +15,12 @@ build:
halt-on-fail: false
commands: "cd ${SOURCE_DIR} &&
sudo -u www-data mkdir libraries &&
sudo -u www-data curl --output dropzone.tar.gz --silent &&
sudo -u www-data tar xzf dropzone.tar.gz &&
sudo -u www-data mv dropzone-5.5.0 libraries/dropzone"
- "cd ${SOURCE_DIR}"
- "sudo -u www-data mkdir libraries"
- "sudo -u www-data curl --output dropzone.tar.gz --silent"
- "sudo -u www-data tar xzf dropzone.tar.gz"
- "sudo -u www-data mv dropzone-5.5.0 libraries/dropzone"
halt-on-fail: true
# run_tests task is executed several times in order of performance speeds.
# halt-on-fail can be set on the run_tests tasks in order to fail fast.
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