Commit 5aaa9c24 authored by jungle's avatar jungle

Revert "Issue #3164379 by blacksnipe: At least one valid file should be uploaded"

This reverts commit 9861c56c.
parent 17fe1dd7
......@@ -171,8 +171,6 @@ class DropzoneJs extends FormElement {
$file_names = array_filter(explode(';', $user_input['uploaded_files']));
$tmp_upload_scheme = \Drupal::configFactory()->get('dropzonejs.settings')->get('tmp_upload_scheme');
$file_names = explode(',', $file_names[0]);
foreach ($file_names as $name) {
// The upload handler appended the txt extension to the file for
// security reasons. We will remove it in this callback.
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