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......@@ -4,20 +4,22 @@ This is the Drupal 8 integration for [DropzoneJS](
###How to install:
1. Download this module
2. [Download DropzoneJS]( and place it in the libraries folder
2. [Download DropzoneJS]( and place it in the
libraries folder
3. Install dropzonejs the [usual way](
4. Remove "test" folder from libraries folder as it could constitute a
security risk to your site. See for more info.
You will now have a dropzonejs element at your disposal.
###Future plans:
- A dropzonejs field widget.
- Handling already uploaded files.
- Removing files that failed dropzonejs validation from temp storage.
- Handling other types of upload validations (min/max resolution, min size,...)
- Removing files that were removed by the user on first upload from temp storage.
###Project page:
Currently still without a repository (https:// seems like a project without maintainer).
[ project page](
+ Janez Urevc (@slashrsm)
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