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###Get in touch:
- IRC: #drupal-media @ Freenode
The development of this module is sponsored by [](
Thanks also to [NYC CAMP]( that hosted media sprints.
# About this submodule
This submodule provides an Entity browser widget that can be used to upload
multiple files using the DropzoneJS library.
### Test the widget:
1. Enable entity_browser_example module
2. Reimport the configuration for entity_browser.browser.test_files.yml replacing the upload widget with the following wigdet configuration:
upload_location: 'public://'
dropzone_description: 'This is a dropzone description'
extensions: 'png jpg jpeg gif'
max_filesize: '2 M'
uuid: 735d146c-a4b2-4327-a057-d109e0905e05
weight: 0
label: 'Upload files'
id: dropzonejs
3. The sample content type should be upldated with the new widget.
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