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Issue 1978526 by iStryker: Update README.txt to include drag'n drop troubleshooting.

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......@@ -12,3 +12,10 @@ Quick install:
5) Set the Order Field from 2) and choose "Native" handler.
Click Update button.
6) Save the view and you're done.
Troubleshooting Drag n' drop Not Showing
1. Make sure javascript is turned on and loading property. Doublecheck your source code. For tables (D6) its <root>/misc/tabledrag.js.
2. Make sure you have draggableviews permission for the correct role.
3. Select 'show row weights'. By default, this is located at the top right of the table. See" for a visual image.
4. 'Show row weights' is a global variable/setting. If you turn it off for 1 table, then all tables, across all pages, across all users, will not see it. To fix this in the UI, you have to 'hide row weights' on another page/table, such as admin/structure/block (D7) or admin/build/block (D6), or go into the variables table in the database.
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