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# Danish translation of Drupal (devel.module)
# Copyright 2006-2007 Morten Wulff <>
msgid ""
msgstr ""
"Project-Id-Version: Danish translation of Drupal (devel.module) $Id$\n"
"POT-Creation-Date: 2005-07-25 17:54+0200\n"
"PO-Revision-Date: 2007-09-08 16:05+0100\n"
"Last-Translator: Morten Wulff <>\n"
"Language-Team: Danish <>\n"
"MIME-Version: 1.0\n"
"Content-Type: text/plain; charset=utf-8\n"
"Content-Transfer-Encoding: 8bit\n"
"Plural-Forms: nplurals=2; plural=(n != 1);\n"
"X-Poedit-Language: Danish\n"
"X-Poedit-Country: DENMARK\n"
msgid "Users deleted."
msgstr "Brugere slettet"
msgid "!num_users created."
msgstr "!num_users oprettet."
msgid "Content deleted."
msgstr "Indhold slettet."
msgid "%num nodes created."
msgstr "%num indholdselementer oprettet."
msgid "%num comments created."
msgstr "%num kommentarer oprettet."
msgid "Deleted taxonomy."
msgstr "Taksonomi slettet."
msgid "Created the following new vocabularies: !vocs"
msgstr "Følgende ordforråd oprettet: !vocs"
msgid "Created the following new terms: !terms"
msgstr "Følgende nye ord oprettet: !terms"
msgid "1 user"
msgid_plural "@count users"
msgstr[0] "1 user"
msgstr[1] "@count brugere"
#: devel.module:30
msgid "Helper functions, pages, and blocks to assist Drupal developers. The devel blocks can be managed via the !block page."
msgstr "Hjælpefunktioner, sider og blokke der støtter Drupal-udvikling. Blokken kan styres via !block-siden."
#: devel.module:30
msgid "block administration"
msgstr "indstil blok"
#: devel.module:32
msgid "This is a list of defined user functions that generated this current request lifecycle. Click on a function name to view its documention."
msgstr "En liste af de funktioner, der startede denne forespørgsels livscyklus. Klik på en funktions navn for at se den tilhørende dokumentation."
#: devel.module:34
msgid "Clicking a module's reinstall button will simulate uninstalling/installing a module. <code>hook_uninstall()</code> and <code>hook_install()</code> will be executed and the schema version number will be set to the most recent update number. You may have to manually clear out any existing tables first if the module doesn't implement <code>hook_uninstall()</code>."
msgstr "Klik på knappen geninstallér for at simulere en afinstallation/installation af et modul. <code>hook_uninstall()</code> og <code>hook_install()</code> kaldes og schema versionsnummeret sættes til det seneste opdateringsnummer. Du skal selv fjerne evt. eksisterende tabeller hvis modulet ikke implementerer <code>hook_uninstall()</code>."
#: devel.module:36
msgid "Here are the contents of your <code>$_SESSION</code> variable."
msgstr "Indholdet af din <code>$_SESSION</code> variabel."
#: devel.module:38
msgid "This is a list of the variables and their values currently stored in variables table and the <code>$conf</code> array of your settings.php file. These variables are usually accessed with <a href=\"@variable-get-doc\">variable_get()</a> and <a href=\"@variable-set-doc\">variable_set()</a>. Variables that are too long can slow down your pages."
msgstr "En liste af variable og deres værdier gemt i variables-tabellen og <code>$conf</code>-tabellen i settings.php. Disse variable tilgås oftest med <a href=\"@variable-get-doc\">variable_get()</a> og <a href=\"@variable-set-doc\">variable_set()</a>. Lange variable kan gøre dine sider langsommere."
# d:\Drupal-contributions-CVS\modules\devel\devel.module:30
#: devel.module:50
msgid "Empty cache"
msgstr "Tøm mellemlager"
#: devel.module:56
#: ;363
msgid "Rebuild node_comment_statistics table"
msgstr "Tabellen node_comment_statistics genopbygget"
#: devel.module:62
msgid "Database queries"
msgstr "Databaseforespørgsler"
#: devel.module:66
msgid "Empty database queries"
msgstr "Tøm databaseforespørgsler"
#: devel.module:71
msgid "function reference"
msgstr "funktionsreference"
#: devel.module:77
msgid "Reinstall modules"
msgstr "Geninstallér moduler"
#: devel.module:84
msgid "Reset menus"
msgstr "Nulstil menuer"
# d:\Drupal-contributions-CVS\modules\devel\devel.module:33
#: devel.module:92
#: ;98;105
msgid "Variable editor"
msgstr "Variabel-redigering"
#: devel.module:112
msgid "Session viewer"
msgstr "Vis sessioner"
#: devel.module:118
#: ;306;314
msgid "Switch user"
msgstr "Skift bruger"
# d:\Drupal-contributions-CVS\modules\devel\devel.module:0
#: devel.module:125
#: ;307
msgid "Devel"
msgstr "Udvikling"
#: devel.module:136
#: ;172
msgid "Dev load"
msgstr "Devel load"
#: devel.module:143
msgid "Dev render"
msgstr "Devel render"
#: devel.module:152
msgid "Devel load"
msgstr "Devel load"
#: devel.module:180
msgid "Dev queries"
msgstr "Databaseforespørgsler"
#: devel.module:188
msgid "Dev items"
msgstr "Dev elementer"
#: devel.module:290
msgid "%message in %file on line %line."
msgstr "%message i %file på linje %line."
#: devel.module:308
msgid "Execute PHP"
msgstr "Udfør PHP"
#: devel.module:335
msgid "This user can switch back."
msgstr "Denne bruger kan skifte tilbage."
#: devel.module:342
msgid "Caution: this user will be unable to switch back."
msgstr "Bemærk: Denne bruger kan skifte tilbage."
# d:\Drupal-contributions-CVS\modules\devel\devel.module:0
#: devel.module:353
#: ;1203;0
msgid "devel"
msgstr "udvikling"
#: devel.module:355
msgid "Adjust module settings for devel module"
msgstr "Tilpas indstillingerne for devel-modulet."
#: devel.module:356
msgid "Clear the database cache tables which store page, menu, node, and variable caches."
msgstr "Ryd mellemlageret i databasen."
#: devel.module:358
msgid "View a list of currently defined user functions with documentation links"
msgstr "Vis en liste af brugerfunktioner med links til dokumentationen"
#: devel.module:359
msgid "Re-run hook_install() for a given module"
msgstr "Kør hook_install() igen for et givet modul"
#: devel.module:360
msgid "Resets all menu items to their default settings"
msgstr "Gendanner standardindstillingerne for alle menupunkter"
#: devel.module:361
msgid "Edit and delete site variables"
msgstr "Rediger og slet site-variable"
#: devel.module:362
msgid "List the contents of $_SESSION"
msgstr "Vis indholdet af $_SESSION"
#: devel.module:375
msgid "Execute php"
msgstr "Udfør php"
#: devel.module:388
msgid "Enter username"
msgstr "Indtast brugernavn"
#: devel.module:394
msgid "Switch"
msgstr "Skift bruger"
#: devel.module:402
msgid "Username not found"
msgstr "Brugernavn ikke fundet"
#: devel.module:445
msgid "<p>The user is being redirected to <a href=\"@destination\">@destination</a>.</p>"
msgstr "<p>Brugeren omdirigeres til <a href=\"@destination\">@destination</a>.</p>"
#: devel.module:497
msgid " Queries taking longer than %threshold ms and queries executed more than once, are <span class=\"marker\">highlighted</span>."
msgstr "Forespørgsler, der tager længere end %threshold ms og forespørgsler, der udføres mere end én gang er <span class=\"marker\">fremhævet</span>."
#: devel.module:516
msgid "Memory used at %type: %value MB"
msgstr "Hukommelse brugt ved %type: %value MB"
# d:\Drupal-contributions-CVS\modules\devel\devel.module:200
#: devel.module:606
msgid "Query log"
msgstr "Forespørgselslog"
#: devel.module:608
msgid "Collect query info"
msgstr "Indsaml information om forespørgsler"
#: devel.module:610
msgid "Collect query info. If disabled, no query log functionality will work."
msgstr "Forespørgselsloggen virker ikke hvis denne funktion slås fra."
# d:\Drupal-contributions-CVS\modules\devel\devel.module:200
#: devel.module:612
msgid "Display query log"
msgstr "Vis forespørgselslog"
# d:\Drupal-contributions-CVS\modules\devel\devel.module:200
#: devel.module:614
msgid "Display a log of the database queries needed to generate the current page, and the execution time for each. Also, queries which are repeated during a single page view are summed in the # column, and printed in red since they are candidates for caching."
msgstr "Vis en log over de databaseforespørgsler der blev foretaget for at bygge den aktuelle side samt deres afviklingstider. Desuden bliver alle gentagne forespørgsler markeret i '#'-kolonnen, da de er kandidater til mellemlagring."
# d:\Drupal-contributions-CVS\modules\devel\devel.module:200
#: devel.module:616
msgid "Sort query log"
msgstr "Sorter forespørgselslog"
#: devel.module:618
msgid "by source"
msgstr "efter kilde"
#: devel.module:618
msgid "by duration"
msgstr "efter varighed"
#: devel.module:619
msgid "The query table can be sorted in the order that the queries were executed or by descending duration."
msgstr "Tabellen kan sorteres efter den rækkefølge forespørgslerne blev udført eller efter faldende varighed."
#: devel.module:622
msgid "Slow query highlighting"
msgstr "Fremhæv langsomme forespørgsler"
# d:\Drupal-contributions-CVS\modules\devel\devel.module:201
#: devel.module:626
msgid "Enter an integer in milliseconds. Any query which takes longer than this many milliseconds will be highlighted in the query log. This indicates a possibly inefficient query, or a candidate for caching."
msgstr "Indtast et antal millisekunder. Enhver forespørgsel der tager længere end det angivne antal millisekunder bliver fremhævet i forespørgselsloggen. Det indikerer en muligvis ineffektiv forespørgsel eller en kandidat til mellemlagring."
#: devel.module:629
msgid "Store executed queries"
msgstr "Gem udførte forespørgsler"
#: devel.module:631
msgid "Store statistics about executed queries. See the devel_x tables. This feature is currently only available for the MySQL database backend."
msgstr "Gem statistik om udførte forespørgsler. Se devel_x-tabellerne. Denne funktion findes i øjeblikket kun til MySQL."
#: devel.module:633
msgid "Sampling interval"
msgstr "Opdateringsinterval"
#: devel.module:636
msgid "If storing query statistics, only store every nth page view. 1 means every page view, 2 every second, and so on."
msgstr "Gem kun hver n'te sidevisning. 1 betyder alle sidevisninger, 2 betyder hver anden, osv."
# d:\Drupal-contributions-CVS\modules\devel\devel.module:199
#: devel.module:639
msgid "Display page timer"
msgstr "Vis tidsforbrug"
# d:\Drupal-contributions-CVS\modules\devel\devel.module:199
#: devel.module:641
msgid "Display page execution time in the query log box."
msgstr "Vis sidens afviklingstid i feltet med forespørgselsloggen."
# d:\Drupal-contributions-CVS\modules\devel\devel.module:200
#: devel.module:644
msgid "Display memory usage"
msgstr "Vis hukommelsesforbrug"
#: devel.module:646
msgid "Display how much memory is used to generate the current page. This will show memory usage when devel_init() is called and when devel_exit() is called. PHP must have been compiled with the <em>--enable-memory-limit</em> configuration option for this feature to work."
msgstr "Vis hvor meget hukommelse der bruges til at vise den aktuelle side. Vise hukommelsesforbrug når devel_init() kaldes og når devel_exit() kaldes. PHP skal være kompileret med <em>--enable-memory-limit</em> for at denne funktionalitet virker."
# d:\Drupal-contributions-CVS\modules\devel\devel.module:202
#: devel.module:649
msgid "Display redirection page"
msgstr "Vis omdirigeringsside"
# d:\Drupal-contributions-CVS\modules\devel\devel.module:202
#: devel.module:651
msgid "When a module executes drupal_goto(), the query log and other developer information is lost. Enabling this setting presents an intermediate page to developers so that the log can be examined before continuing to the destination page."
msgstr "Når et modul kalder drupal_goto() mistes forespørgselsloggen og anden udviklingsinformation. Aktiver denne indstilling for at se en mellemliggende side, der viser loggen før der fortsættes til næste side."
#: devel.module:654
msgid "Display form element keys and weights"
msgstr "Vis nøgler og vægte af formular-elementer"
#: devel.module:656
msgid "Form element names are needed for performing themeing or altering a form. Their weights determine the position of the element. Enabling this setting will show these keys and weights beside each form item."
msgstr "Navne på formular-elementer er nødvendige når man skal lave temaer eller ændre en formular. Vægtene bestemmer rækkefølgen af elementerne."
#: devel.module:659
msgid "Error handler"
msgstr "Fejlhåndtering"
#: devel.module:661
msgid "None"
msgstr "Ingen"
#: devel.module:661
msgid "Standard drupal"
msgstr "Standard Drupal"
#: devel.module:661
msgid "Backtrace"
msgstr "Sporing"
#: devel.module:662
msgid "Choose an error handler for your site. <em>Backtrace</em> prints nice debug information when an error is noticed, and you !choose. <em>None</em> is a good option when stepping through the site in your debugger."
msgstr "Vælg hvordan fejl håndteres af dit site. <em>Sporing</em> udskriver debug information når der opstår en fejl og du !choose. <em>Ingen</em> er et godt valg når du gennemgår kode i din debugger."
#: devel.module:662
msgid "to show errors on screen"
msgstr "for at vise fejl på skærmen"
#: devel.module:670
msgid "Default"
msgstr "Standard"
#: devel.module:671
msgid "Log only"
msgstr "Kun log"
#: devel.module:674
msgid "Other (!library)"
msgstr "Andet (!library)"
#: devel.module:678
msgid "SMTP library"
msgstr "SMTP bibliotek"
#: devel.module:709
msgid "PHP code to execute"
msgstr "Udfør PHP kode"
#: devel.module:710
msgid "Enter some code. Do not use <code>&lt;?php ?&gt;</code> tags."
msgstr "Indtast noget kode. Du skal ikke bruge <code>&lt;?php ?&gt;</code>-tags."
#: devel.module:712
msgid "Execute"
msgstr "Udfør"
#: devel.module:732
msgid "Are you sure you want to reset all menu items to their default settings?"
msgstr "Ønsker du at gendanne standardindstillinger for alle menupunkter?"
#: devel.module:734
msgid "Any custom additions or changes to the menu will be lost."
msgstr "Alle tilføjelser til og ændringer af menuen går tabt."
#: devel.module:735
msgid "Reset all"
msgstr "Gendan alle"
#: devel.module:736
msgid "Cancel"
msgstr "Annuller"
#: devel.module:745
msgid "Primary links"
msgstr "Primære henvisninger"
#: devel.module:749
msgid "The menu items have been reset to their default settings."
msgstr "Menupunkternes standardindstillinger gendannet."
#: devel.module:774
msgid "Reinstall @name module"
msgstr "Geninstallér modulet @name."
#: devel.module:790
msgid "Warning - will delete your module tables and variables."
msgstr "Advarsel: Sletter alle modul-tabeller og variable."
#: devel.module:805
msgid "Reinstalled the %name module."
msgstr "%name geninstalleret."
#: devel.module:820
#: ;862
msgid "Name"
msgstr "Navn"
#: devel.module:821
#: ;863
msgid "Value"
msgstr "Værdi"
#: devel.module:822
#: ;864
msgid "Length"
msgstr "Længde"
#: devel.module:823
#: ;865
msgid "Operations"
msgstr "Handlinger"
#: devel.module:839
msgid "edit"
msgstr "rediger"
#: devel.module:844
msgid "Delete"
msgstr "Slet"
#: devel.module:887
msgid "Old value"
msgstr "Gammel værdi"
#: devel.module:893
#: ;904
msgid "New value"
msgstr "Ny værdi"
#: devel.module:898
msgid "Submit"
msgstr "Indsend"
#: devel.module:905
msgid "Sorry, complex variable types may not be edited yet. Use the <em>Execute PHP</em> block and the <a href=\"@variable-set-doc\">variable_set()</a> function."
msgstr "Det er ikke muligt at redigere komplekse variabeltyper. Brug blokken <em>Udfør PHP</em> og <a href=\"@variable-set-doc\">variable_set()</a>-funktionen."
#: devel.module:914
msgid "Saved new value for %name"
msgstr "Ny værdi for %name gemt"
# d:\Drupal-contributions-CVS\modules\devel\devel.module:199
#: devel.module:1076
msgid " Page execution time was %time ms."
msgstr "Sidens blev udført på %time ms."
#: devel.module:1203
msgid "Mail sent:<br />Key: %mailkey<br />To: %to<br />From: %from<br />Subject: %subject<br />Body: %body<br /><br />Additional headers: !header"
msgstr "Mail sendt:<br />Nøgle: %mailkey<br />Til: %to<br />Fra: %from<br />Emne: %subject<br />Indhold: %body<br /><br />Yderligere brevhoveder: !header"
#: devel.module:1217
msgid "Total (ms)"
msgstr "Samlet tid (ms)"
#: devel.module:1218
msgid "Average (ms)"
msgstr "Gennemsnit (ms)"
#: devel.module:1219
msgid "Std deviation (ms)"
msgstr "Standardafvigelse (ms)"
#: devel.module:1220
msgid "Count"
msgstr "Tæl"
#: devel.module:1221
msgid "Function"
msgstr "Funktion"
#: devel.module:1222
msgid "Query"
msgstr "Forespørgsel"
#: devel.module:1240
msgid "Delete collected query statistics"
msgstr "Slet indsamlet forespørgselsstatistik"
#: devel.module:1248
msgid "Stored query statistics deleted."
msgstr "Indsamlet forespørgselsstatistik slettet."
#: devel.module:290
msgid "php"
msgstr "php"
#: devel.module:876
msgid "one variable deleted"
msgid_plural "@count variables deleted"
msgstr[0] "en variabel slettet"
msgstr[1] "@count variable slettet"
# d:\Drupal-contributions-CVS\modules\devel\devel.module:210
#: devel.module:298
msgid "access devel information"
msgstr "tilgå udviklingsinformation"
#: devel.module:298
msgid "execute php code"
msgstr "udfør PHP-kode"
#: devel.module:298
msgid "switch users"
msgstr "skift bruger"
#: devel_generate.module:13
msgid "Generate users"
msgstr "Opret brugere"
#: devel_generate.module:15
msgid "Generate a given number of users. Optionally delete current users."
msgstr "Opret et bestemt antal brugere. Slet eventuelt eksisterende brugere."
#: devel_generate.module:22
msgid "Generate content"
msgstr "Opret indhold"
#: devel_generate.module:23
msgid "Generate a given number of nodes and comments. Optionally delete current items."
msgstr "Opret et bestemt antal indholdselementer og kommentarer. Slet eventuelt eksisterende elementer."
#: devel_generate.module:31
msgid "Generate categories"
msgstr "Opret kategorier"
#: devel_generate.module:32
msgid "Generate a given number of vocabularies and terms. Optionally delete current categories."
msgstr "Opret et bestemt antal ordforråd og ord. Slet eventuelt eksisterende ordforråd."
#: devel_generate.module:60
msgid "How many users would you like to generate?"
msgstr "Hvor mange brugere ønsker du at oprette?"
#: devel_generate.module:66
msgid "Delete all users but user 1 before generating new users."
msgstr "Slet alle brugere undtagen bruger 1 før der nye brugere oprettes."
#: devel_generate.module:71
#: ;107;143
msgid "Do it!"
msgstr "Gør det!"
#: devel_generate.module:84
msgid "How many nodes would you like to generate?"
msgstr "Hvor mange indholdselementer ønsker du at oprette?"
#: devel_generate.module:90
msgid "How many comments would you like to generate?"
msgstr "Hvor mange kommentarer ønsker du at oprette?"
#: devel_generate.module:96
msgid "Max word length of titles"
msgstr "Maksimal længde af titler"
#: devel_generate.module:102
msgid "Delete existing content before generating new content."
msgstr "Slet eksisterende indhold før nyt indhold oprettes."
#: devel_generate.module:120
msgid "How many vocabularies would you like to generate?"
msgstr "Hvor mange ordforråd ønsker du at oprette?"
#: devel_generate.module:126
msgid "How many terms would you like to generate?"
msgstr "Hvor mange ord ønsker du at oprette?"
#: devel_generate.module:132
msgid "Max word length of term/vocab names"
msgstr "Maksimal længde af navne på ord/ordforråd"
#: devel_generate.module:138
msgid "Delete existing terms and vocabularies before generating new content."
msgstr "Slet eksisterende ordforråd før nyt indhold oprettes."
#: devel_generate.module:0
msgid "devel_generate"
msgstr "devel_generate"
#: devel_node_access.module:24
msgid "Development helper for node_access table"
msgstr "Hjælp til udvikling med node_access-tabellen."
#: devel_node_access.module:27
msgid "This module helps in site development. Specifically, when an access control module is used to limit access to some or all nodes, this module provides some feedback showing the node_access table in the database."
msgstr "Modulet hjælper ved udvikling af sites. Modulet giver adgang til oplysningerne i node_access-tabellen."
#: devel_node_access.module:28
msgid "The node_access table is one method Drupal provides to hide content from some users while displaying it to others. By default, Drupal shows all nodes to all users. There are a number of optional modules which may be installed to hide content from some users."
msgstr "Drupal bruger node_access-tabellen til at skjule indhold for visse brugere og vise det til andre. Som standard viser Drupal alt indhold til alle brugere. En række moduler kan installeres for at skjule indhold for visse brugere."
#: devel_node_access.module:29
msgid "If you have not installed one of these modules, you really have no need for the devel_node_access module. This module is intended for use during development, so that developers and admins can confirm that node_access table is working as expected. You probably do not want this module enabled on a production site."
msgstr "Hvis du ikke har installeret et af disse moduler, har du sikkert ikke brug for devel_node_access module. Modulet kan bruges under udvikling for at sikre at node_access-tabellen opfører sig som forventet. Modulet bør ikke være aktivt på et offentligt tilgængeligt site."
#: devel_node_access.module:30
msgid "This module provides a %summary_page which shows show general information about your node_access table. If you have installed the Views module, you may %browse_link. This module also provides a block showing the rows of the node_access table relevant to whatever node(s) are shown on a given page. Because the table shown is wide, it is recommended to enable the block in the page footer rather than a sidebar."
msgstr "Modulet laver en %summary_page, som viser generel information om node_access-tabellen. Hvis modulet Views er installeret kan du %browse_link. Modulet laver desuden en blok, som viser de rækker fra node_access, der er relevante for de indholdselementer, der vises på en given side. Tabellen i blokken er bred, så det kan anbefales at placere blokken i sidefoden."
#: devel_node_access.module:31
msgid "summary page"
msgstr "oversigt"
#: devel_node_access.module:32
msgid "browse node_access by realm"
msgstr "gennemse node_access efter område"
#: devel_node_access.module:44
msgid "node_access summary"
msgstr "node_access oversigt"
#: devel_node_access.module:57
msgid "Access Granted to All Nodes (All Users)"
msgstr "Adgang tilladt til alle indholdselementer (alle brugere)"
#: devel_node_access.module:58
msgid "Your node_access table contains entries that may be granting all users access to all nodes. Depending on which access control module(s) you use, you may want to delete these entries. If you are not using an access control module, you should probably leave these entries as is."
msgstr "Din node_access-tabel indeholder elementer, der muligvis giver alle brugere adgang til alt indhold. Afhængigt af hvilke adgangskontrolmoduler du bruger, bør du overveje at slette disse elementer. Hvis du ikke bruger et adgangskontrolmodul, bør du ikke ændre på elementerne."
#: devel_node_access.module:59
#: ;88;104;122;170
msgid "realm"
msgstr "område"
#: devel_node_access.module:70
msgid "Legacy Nodes"
msgstr "Gamle indholdselementer"
#: devel_node_access.module:72
msgid "You have !num nodes in your node table which are not represented in your node_access table. If you have an access control module installed, these nodes may be hidden from all users. This could be caused by publishing nodes before enabling the access control module. If this is the case, manually updating each node should add it to the node_access table and fix the problem."
msgstr "Der er !num indholdselementer i node-tabellen, som ikke oprtræder i node_access-tabellen. Hvis du har et adgangskontrolmodul installeret, er disse indholdselementer muligvis skjult for alle brugere. Det kan skyldes at nogle indholdselementer er blevet udgivet før adgangskontrollen blev aktiveret. Hvis det er tilfældet kan du manuelt opdatere hvert indholdselement for at løse problemet."
#: devel_node_access.module:76
msgid "All Nodes Represented"
msgstr "Alle indholdselementer findes"
#: devel_node_access.module:78
msgid "All nodes are represented in the node_access table."
msgstr "Alle indholdselementer findes i node_access-tabellen."
#: devel_node_access.module:86
msgid "Access Granted to All Nodes (Some Users)"
msgstr "Adgang givet til alle indholdselementer (visse brugere)"
#: devel_node_access.module:87
msgid "Your node_access table contains entries that may be granting some users access to all nodes. This may be perfectly normal, depending on which access control module(s) you use."
msgstr "Din node_access-tabel indholder elementer, der muligvis giver nogle brugere adgang til alt indhold. Det kan være helt normalt, afhængigt af hvilke adgangskontrolmoduler du har installeret."
#: devel_node_access.module:100
msgid "Access Granted to Some Nodes"
msgstr "Adgang givet til visse indholdselementer"
#: devel_node_access.module:102
msgid "The following realms appear to grant all users access to some specific nodes. This may be perfectly normal, if some of your content is available to the public."
msgstr "Følgende områder ser ud til at give alle brugere adgang til bestemte indholdselementer. Det kan være helt normalt, hvis dele af dit indhold er offentligt tilgængeligt."
#: devel_node_access.module:104
msgid "public nodes"
msgstr "offentlige indholdselementer"
#: devel_node_access.module:111
msgid "Public Nodes"
msgstr "Offentlige indholdselementer"
#: devel_node_access.module:118
msgid "Summary by Realm"
msgstr "Oversigt efter område"
#: devel_node_access.module:120
msgid "The following realms grant limited access to some specific nodes."
msgstr "Følgende områder giver begrænset adgang til bestemte indholdselementer."
#: devel_node_access.module:122
msgid "private nodes"
msgstr "private indholdselementer"
#: devel_node_access.module:129
msgid "Protected Nodes"
msgstr "Beskyttede indholdselementer"
#: devel_node_access.module:155
msgid "Devel Node Access"
msgstr "Devel Node Access"
#: devel_node_access.module:170
msgid "node"
msgstr "indholdselement"
#: devel_node_access.module:170
msgid "gid"
msgstr "gid"
#: devel_node_access.module:170
msgid "view"
msgstr "vis"
#: devel_node_access.module:170
msgid "update"
msgstr "opdater"
#: devel_node_access.module:170
msgid "delete"
msgstr "slet"
#: devel_node_access.module:181
msgid "node_access entries for nodes shown on this page"
msgstr "node_access-regler for indholdselementer på denne side"
#: devel_node_access.module:196
msgid "Node Access: realm"
msgstr "Adgang: område"
#: devel_node_access.module:202
msgid "Node Access Realm"
msgstr "Område"
#: devel_node_access.module:214
msgid "Node Access: Realm"
msgstr "Adgang: område"
#: devel_node_access.module:0
msgid "devel_node_access"
msgstr "devel_node_access"
#: macro.module:15
msgid "Todo: Add help text."
msgstr "Todo: Tilføj hjælpetekst."
#: macro.module:17
msgid "This output can be saved to the profile`s .macro file, to be automatically played back upon completed install or used on an import on another site."
msgstr "Uddata kan gemmes til profilens .macro-fil, som automatisk afspilles ved afslutningen af en installation eller en import på et andet site."
#: macro.module:19
msgid "Insert recorded macro here to be played into your site. All referenced modules needs to be enabled."
msgstr "Indsæt makro for at afspille den på dit site. Alle relaterede moduler skal være aktiveret på forhånd."
#: macro.module:21
msgid "Configuration settings for the drupal macro engine."
msgstr "Indstillinger for Drupal's makro motor."
#: macro.module:33
msgid "Macro engine"
msgstr "Macro motor"
#: macro.module:34
#: ;60
msgid "Configure the Drupal macro engine. Export recorded macros or import previously recorded macros."
msgstr "Indstil Drupal's makro motor. Eksporter optagne makroer eller importer makroer."
#: macro.module:41
msgid "Export"
msgstr "Eksport"
#: macro.module:45
msgid "macro_export_macro"
msgstr "macro_export_macro"
#: macro.module:50
msgid "Import"
msgstr "Import"
#: macro.module:54
msgid "macro_import_macro"
msgstr "macro_import_macro"
#: macro.module:59
msgid "Configure"
msgstr "Indstil"
#: macro.module:155
msgid "play macro"
msgstr "afspil makro"
#: macro.module:179
msgid "Macro settings"
msgstr "Makro indstillinger"
#: macro.module:184
msgid "Enable macro recording"
msgstr "Aktiver makro optagelse"