Commit 46ab1195 authored by salvis's avatar salvis

Issue #3003353 by Stacie_A: Capitalize the Devel Generate module name.

parent cf7a3c40
......@@ -38,7 +38,7 @@ will want to directly inherit from Drupal\devel_generate\DevelGenerateBase.
To give support for a new field type the field type base class should properly
implements \Drupal\Core\Field\FieldItemInterface::generateSampleValue().
Devel generate automatically use the values returned by this method during the
Devel Generate automatically uses the values returned by this method during the
generate process for generate placeholder field values. For more information
type: module
name: 'Devel generate'
name: 'Devel Generate'
description: 'Generate dummy users, nodes, menus, taxonomy terms...'
package: Development
core: 8.x
name: 'Devel generate Example'
name: 'Devel Generate Example'
type: module
description: 'Create an example of DevelGenerate plugin type for testing purposing.'
description: 'Create an example of a Devel Generate plugin type for testing purposes.'
package: Development
core: 8.x
configure: admin/config/development/generate
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