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#1022418. Improve a.d.o-compatible documentation for...

#1022418. Improve a.d.o-compatible documentation for hook_node_access_explain() and document hook_node_access_acknowledge().
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// $Id$
* @file
* Hook provided by the Devel Node Access module.
* @addtogroup hooks
* @{
* Explain your records in the {node_access} table.
* In order to help developers and administrators understand the forces
* that control access to any given node, the DNA module provides the
* Devel Node Access block, which lists all the grant records in the
* {node_access} table for that node.
* However, every Node Access module is free in how it defines and uses the
* 'realm' and 'gid' fields in its records in the {node_access} table, and
* it's often difficult to interpret them. This hook passes each record
* that DNA wants to display, and the owning module is expected to return
* an explanation of that record.
* The explanation should not be localized (not be passed through t()), so
* that administrators seeking help can present English explanations.
* @param $row
* The record from the {node_access} table, as object. The member fields are:
* nid, gid, realm, grant_view, grant_update, grant_delete.
* @return
* A string with a (short!) explanation of the given {node_access} row,
* to be displayed in DNA's 'Devel Node Access' block. It will be displayed
* as HTML; any variable parts must already be sanitized.
* @see hook_node_access_records()
* @see devel_node_access_node_access_explain()
* @ingroup node_access
function hook_node_access_explain($row) {
if ($row->realm == 'mymodule_myrealm') {
if ($row->grant_view) {
$name = db_result(db_query('SELECT name FROM {role} WHERE rid = %d', $row->gid));
return 'Role ' . theme_placeholder($name) . ' may view this node.';
else {
return 'No access.';
* @} End of "addtogroup hooks".
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