Commit 2ad63d14 authored by moshe weitzman's avatar moshe weitzman

Many new features for Drupal6

- optionally print a template log at bottom of each page. Shows what template files you could have used to theme your page or blocks or nodes or whatever.
- theme registry viewer
- all documentation links may be pointed to an arbitrary api.module site instead of
- a form for looking up documentation on any drupal function
- a full featured phpinfo() page [like older versions of devel]

There are still a few bits that need updating for D6. Patches welcome.
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......@@ -7,6 +7,16 @@ all database queries for each page request at the bottom of each page. The
summary includes how many times each query was executed on a page
(shouldn't run same query multiple times), and how long each query
took (short is good - use cache for complex queries).
It also
- writes a log of template files which may be used on current page
- a block for running custom PHP on a pge
- a block for quickly accessing devel pages
- a block for masquerading as other users (useful for testing)
- reports memory usage at bottom of page
This module is safe to use on a production site. Just be sure to only grant
'access development information' permission to developers.
Also a dpr() function is provided, which pretty prints arrays and strings. Useful during
development. Many other nice functions like dsm(), dvm(), ...
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