Commit 324787e4 authored by sun's avatar sun

#191179 by sun: Fixed no information displayed after saving settings.

parent af22f358
......@@ -164,12 +164,14 @@ function demo_admin_settings() {
function demo_admin_settings_submit($form_id, $values) {
if (!file_check_directory($values['path'], FILE_CREATE_DIRECTORY)) {
drupal_set_message(t('Dump could not be created. The directory %directory has not been properly configured.', array('%directory' => $values['path'])), 'error');
form_set_error('path', t('The snapshot directory %directory could not be created.', array('%directory' => $values['path'])));
return FALSE;
else {
variable_set('demo_dump_path', $values['path']);
variable_set('demo_reset_interval', $values['interval']);
drupal_set_message(t('The configuration options have been saved.'));
function demo_manage() {
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