Commit 7aae46bf authored by larowlan's avatar larowlan

Merge pull request #26 from md-systems/verify_uniqueness

Throw an exception when the URL already exists.
parents c1472b02 c450ac08
......@@ -116,6 +116,17 @@ class DefaultContentManager implements DefaultContentManagerInterface {
$decoded = $this->serializer->decode($contents, 'hal_json');
// Get the link to this entity.
$self = $decoded['_links']['self']['href'];
// Throw an exception when this URL already exists.
if (isset($file_map[$self])) {
$args = array(
'@href' => $self,
'@first' => $file_map[$self]->uri,
'@second' => $file->uri,
throw new \Exception(String::format('Default content with href @href exists twice: @first @second', $args));
// Store the entity type with the file.
$file->entity_type_id = $entity_type_id;
// Store the file in the file map.
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