Commit 591f129b authored by Berdir's avatar Berdir

Updating default fields and cache tags

parent 650980e4
......@@ -69,7 +69,7 @@ class RelationLinkManager extends RestRelationLinkManager {
// These URIs only change when field info changes, so cache it permanently
// and only clear it when field_info is cleared.
$this->cache->set('rest:links:relations', $data, CacheBackendInterface::CACHE_PERMANENT, array('field_info' => TRUE));
$this->cache->set('rest:links:relations', $data, CacheBackendInterface::CACHE_PERMANENT, array('field_info'));
id: node.field_tags
uuid: A071BBC8-924B-4100-9BF4-3036D9BBDCF3
status: true
langcode: en
name: field_tags
field_name: field_tags
entity_type: node
type: taxonomy_term_reference
vid: tags
uuid: A920ADD7-D66D-4C02-821A-7C8986D38071
name: Tags
description: 'Tags'
hierarchy: 1
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