Commit e909f434 authored by neclimdul's avatar neclimdul

Fix logic error sometimes hiding edit local tasks

Because tabs where incorrectly being matched and the "view" task not getting
added, the edit task would sometimes end up being the only local task causing
it to be hidden by the menu systems logic.
parent 49c2341c
......@@ -314,7 +314,7 @@ function page_manager_page_execute($subtask_id) {
// Add a fake tab for 'View' so that edit tabs can be added.
if (user_access('administer page manager') && (!isset($page->menu['type']) || !in_array($page->menu['type'], array('tab', 'default tab')))) {
if (user_access('administer page manager') && (!isset($page->menu['type']) || in_array($page->menu['type'], array('tab', 'default tab')))) {
'title' => t('View'),
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