Commit b7694e4a authored by Juterpillar's avatar Juterpillar Committed by RoSk0

Issue #2987709 by Juterpillar: Misspelling of the word "Organization".

parent 228d8277
......@@ -4,10 +4,10 @@ dependencies:
- crm_core_contact
- user
id: crm_core_organizaiton_overview
label: 'CRM Core Organizaiton overview'
id: crm_core_organization_overview
label: 'CRM Core Organization overview'
module: views
description: 'The overview for CRM Core Organizaiton entities.'
description: 'The overview for CRM Core Organization entities.'
tag: ''
base_table: crm_core_organization
base_field: organization_id
......@@ -518,7 +518,7 @@ display:
entity_field: name
plugin_id: string
sorts: { }
title: 'CRM Core Organizaiton overview'
title: 'CRM Core Organization overview'
header: { }
footer: { }
......@@ -344,7 +344,7 @@ class IndividualUiTest extends WebTestBase {
// Delete created organization view to get default view from list builder.
$this->drupalPostForm(NULL, [], TRUE);
// Check organization collection page.
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